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Required Documents for the Meeting of Creditors

Local Bankruptcy Rule 2003-2 provides the list of documentation that debtors must bring to their Meetings of Creditors.

It may also be a good idea to send this information to the trustee before the Meeting of Creditors.

The debtor should bring the following documentation to the Meeting of Creditors:

  • Documents to support current income listed on Schedule I, other than pay advices and tax returns that have already been provided to the trustee
  • Documents to support current expenditures listed on Schedule J
  • Certificates of Title for all currently owed titled assets (examples: car, boat, mobile home)
  • A current statement from each secured creditor stating the amount owed
  • Originals of bank books and check registers
  • Bank account statements, brokerage account statement and credit card statements
  • Copies of leases, mortgages, deeds and land contract for property owned within the last six years
  • Copies of life insurance policies
  • Current property tax statements
  • Asset appraisals,
  • Keys to non-exempt building and vehicles
  • Divorce judgments and property settlement statements
  • Casualty insurance policies
  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of each holder of a Domestic Support Obligation
  • Any other specific document requested by the trustee, if requested in writing at least 7 days before the Meeting of Creditors