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Filing Requirements and Time Limits

The forms necessary to initiate a bankruptcy petition may be purchased at most legal stationery stores or downloaded from the Official Forms and Local Forms section of this site.

Unless a judge of this court otherwise directs, papers submitted for filing must (1) be plainly written, typed, printed or copied without erasures or interlineations which materially deface it, (2) bear the complete caption, social security number or tax identification number, case number, judge's name and chapter, (3) if an adversary, both the case number and adversary number must be listed, (4) have on the pleading/paper, the name, office, post office address and telephone number and state bar identification number of the attorney of record for the filing party, and (5) be signed in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 9011.

Time stamped copies will not be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included with the original document.

See the list below for the time limits, number of copies and required documents for each chapters.

Note:  In the event there is any conflict between the Court's Local Rules of Bankruptcy Practice and the information provided within the "Filing Requirements and Time Limits" section of the Court's website, the Local Rules governs.