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Fee Schedule - Effective December 1, 2020

Fees are determined by the Judicial Conference of the United States pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1930(b).

The Clerk's Office will only accept a money order, a certified check, or cash directly from a debtor as payment for all financial transactions, including the payment of filing fees.  A credit or debit card will not be accepted as payment from debtors.  All money orders, certified checks, and attorney checks must be made payable to: "CLERK, U.S. BANKRUPTCY COURT".  All payments must be exact change only.

Applications for installment payments of filing fees by an individual are available from the Clerk's Office and/or the Official Bankruptcy Forms.

*Includes miscellaneous administrative fee of $78.00 for chapters 7,12,13 and $571.00 for chapters 9,11,15.

Chapter 7 $338.00*
Chapter 13 $313.00*
Chapter 9 $1738.00*
Chapter 11 $1738.00*
Chapter 12 $278.00*
Chapter 15 $1738.00*
Conversion from chapters 7 to chapter 11 $922.00
Conversion from chapters 13 to chapter 11 $932.00
Adversary Proceedings (All Actions filed pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 7001) $350.00
Notice of Appeal/Cross Appeal/Direct Appeal (Requesting) $298.00
Direct Bankruptcy Appeal (Authorized) $207.00
Motion for Leave to Appeal $5.00
Certifying a document or page $11.00
Reproduction of digital/audio recording $32.00
Search of records of the court (per name or item) $32.00
Registering a judgment from another district $49.00
Retrieval of a record from a Federal Records Center
Retrievals involving multiple boxes
$39.00 for each
additional box
Electronic retrieval of a record from a Federal Records Center $19.90 plus
$0.65 per page (100 page limit)
For any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds, or reversed due to a chargeback $53.00
Transfer of Claim $26.00
Notice of Commencement $11.00
Copying Costs (per page) $0.50
Reproducing and transmitting of an electronic record (Not available on CM/ECF) $31.00 per record provided
Public Copying Costs (per page) $0.10
Motion to Restrict Public Access $26.00
Motion for Withdrawal of Reference, to Compel Abandonment, or to Lift Automatic Stay $188.00
Motion to Sell Property, Free and Clear of Liens(pursuant to 11 USC 363(f)) $188.00
Motion to Convert from chapter 13 to chapter 7 $25.00
Motion to Convert from chapter 11 to chapter 7 $15.00
Motion to Convert from chapter 12 to chapter 7 $60.00
Motion to Convert from chapter 12 to chapter 13 $35.00
Amendments to debtor's schedules of creditors, list of creditors, or matrix $32.00
Exemplification of document or page $23.00
Microfilm/Microfiche of court record $5.00
Filing or indexing a miscellaneous paper $49.00
Motion to reopen Chapter 7 $260.00
Motion to reopen Chapter 9 $1167.00
Motion to reopen Chapter 11 $1167.00
Motion to reopen Chapter 13 $235.00
Motion to reopen Chapter 15 $1167.00
Split Joint Chapter 7 $338.00
Split Joint Chapter 11 $1738.00
Split Joint Chapter 12 $278.00
Split Joint Chapter 13 $313.00