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Chapter 9 Filing Requirements and Time Limits

Please contact the clerk's office before filing.


  Requirements Deadlines
1. Filing fee Required at filing
2. Voluntary Petition For Non-Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy (signed) (Official Form B201) Required at filing
3. Bankruptcy Petition Cover Sheet (signed) Required at filing
4. Summary of Assets and Liabilities for Non-Individuals (Official Form B206Sum) Required at filing
5. Chapter 11 or Chapter 9 Cases: List of Creditors Who Have the 20 Largest Unsecured Claims and Are Not Insiders (Official Form B204) Required at filing
6. Schedules A-H (Excluding  Sch C)  (Official Forms B206A/B, B206D, B206E/F, B206G, B206H) 14 days
7. Statement of Financial Affairs for Non-Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy (Official Form B207) 14 days
8. Chapter 9 Plan and Disclosure Statement Rule 3016
9. Statement of Attorney for Debtor(s) Pursuant to F.R.Bankr.P. 2016(b) – Local Form 14 Days – after order of relief entered or as such time as directed by the Court
10. Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury for Non-Individuals (Official Form B202) 14 Days
11. Equity Security Holders List (Self-Generated) 14 Days
12. Statement Regarding Authority to Sign and File Petition 14 Days
13. List of Creditors (Names and Addresses of all creditors of debtor) filed within such time as the Court shall fix - Rule 1007(e)