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Mediation Panel

Mediation is governed by L.B.R. 7016-2(E.D.M.).

  • The Court shall appoint mediators to the mediation panel as necessary from time to time. The Court may select chairperson(s) to assist the Court with the administration of the mediation panel.
  • Before serving as a mediator, a professional shall have participated in a court-approved training seminar in alternative dispute resolution, and shall provide to the Court a certificate of such training.
  • A list of the mediators on the panel shall be maintained by the clerk and shall be available on the court's website.
  • Individuals who wish to serve on the mediation panel shall inform the clerk in writing, and shall provide the clerk with information that the applicant or the Court deem pertinent.
  • The Court may meet periodically with the panel of mediators or its chairperson(s) as necessary to discuss improving the mediation process.

The Court's mediation clerk is Ms. Charlene Mo.