Notice Regarding Wi-Fi Access

Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Wireless (wi-fi) internet access is now available in the courtrooms and conference rooms on
the 18th and 19th floors at 211 West Fort St. Please note:

• There is no charge for this service.
• The access is not secure.
• No password is required.
• The local network is “DET-BK”.
• This service is not maintained by the Court and the Court will not be able to provide any
assistance with it.
• LBR 5073-1 provides that a laptop or notebook computer may be used in court with the
volume muted.

The Court agreed to allow this service to provide the bar and the public with access to
internet sites that may be needed while attending court, such as office networks and servers, ECF,
the Court’s order processing program, the chapter 13 trustee’s websites and legal research websites.

Thanks for this service should go to the Detroit chapter 13 trustees, Krispen Carroll, David
Ruskin and Tammy Terry, for funding the costs of the equipment and the service fees, and to Rich
Collins for his extraordinary three-year efforts in arranging and supervising the installation.