Notice Regarding Reopened Cases

Release Date: 
Friday, October 20, 2006

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Notice Regarding Reopened Cases

The records of the Court reflect that in many chapter 7 cases, the debtor obtained the reopening of the case for the purpose of filing the required Debtor’s Certification of Completion of Instructional Course Concerning Financial Management (Official Form 23) in order to receive a discharge, but then did not file that Official Form. Those cases remain open on the Court’s docket without a discharge.

Notice is hereby given that the Court will again close any such case without a discharge unless the required Official Form is filed by November 3, 2006.

In addition, in the future, when a chapter 7 is reopened for this purpose, it will be closed 15 days thereafter if the debtor does not file the required Official Form. Then, in order to receive a discharge, the debtor must file another motion to reopen and pay the required fee.