Notice Regarding Implementation of ECF Reduced Paper Module

Release Date: 
Monday, March 31, 2008

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Effective April 14, 2008, the Court will implement the Electronic Case Filing Reduced Paper Module. In December 2005, an amendment to Rule 9036 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure became effective which allowed courts to transmit electronic notice-only through CM/ECF. The Reduced Paper Module allows courts to remove registered ECF e-mail recipients from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center’s (BNC) mailing list, so that the recipient’s sole method of receiving notices from the court is through e-mail, eliminating the generation and mailing of paper notices. The Notice of Meeting of Creditors is the one exception to the electronic notice-only. This notice will continue to be sent electronically and in paper form through the BNC.

Under the Reduced Paper Module, debtors, creditors and other parties not registered as ECF filers or users continue to receive paper notices through the BNC. This module has provided better service to ECF filers by eliminating the need for attorneys to sort through duplicate paper and electronic notices. The Court strongly recommends that all ECF filers and users implement procedures for managing e-mail accounts which receive the Notices of Electronic Filing from the ECF system.