Notice Regarding Changes to Chapter 13 Assignments and Schedules in Detroit

Release Date: 
Monday, December 20, 2004

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1. Assignment of Chapter 13 Cases to Judge Rhodes
The assignment of chapter 13 cases to Judge Rhodes will begin on January 3, 2005.

2. First Meeting Schedule (Effective for cases filed after the date of this notice.)
(a) The first meeting schedule will be:
Mondays:                   David Ruskin
Tuesdays:                 Tammy Terry
Fridays:                      Krispen Carroll

(b) The scheduling of first meetings will be extended to 40 - 50 days from the date of the petition.

(c) Established dates for meetings of creditors that are already scheduled in cases will not be changed.

3. Appointment of Trustees (Effective for cases filed on and after January 3, 2005.)
The U.S. Trustee will appoint the trustee in each chapter 13 case as follows:

Judge Rhodes:           Krispen Carroll
Judge McIvor:           David Ruskin
Judge Shefferly:         Krispen Carroll  (Case No. terminal digits 0-4)
                                  David Ruskin (Case No. terminal digits 5-9)
Judge Tucker:            Tammy Terry

4. Weekly Hearing Schedule (Effective the week of April 11, 2005, which will be the first week that cases filed on January 3, 2005, will be scheduled for confirmations hearings.)

(a) The weekly schedule will be:

Tuesdays:                   Judge Shefferly (Ruskin and Carroll alternating weeks)
Wednesdays:              Judge Rhodes
Thursdays:                 Judge McIvor and Judge Tucker

(b) Motions in cases assigned to Judge Rhodes will be scheduled for hearings at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesdays as necessary before April 11, 2005.

(c) Motions in cases assigned to Judge Shefferly will be scheduled for hearings on Tuesdays as necessary before April 11, 2005, whether the trustee appointed is David Ruskin or Krispen Carroll.

(d) Judge Shefferly’s hearings on Tuesday, April 12, 2005, will be on matters in cases in which David Ruskin is appointed as trustee; thereafter the weekly schedule will alternate with Krispen Carroll. A more complete schedule of dates assigned to trustees on Judge Shefferly’s calendar will be posted on the Court’s and the trustees’ web sites shortly.

(e) Judge Tucker and Judge McIvor are discussing ways to minimize courtroom conflicts for attorneys with cases scheduled on Thursday. More detailed information will be posted on the court's and the trustees’ web sites.