Email Link Service for Creditors

Release Date: 
Thursday, November 2, 2006

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E-mail Link Service

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is pleased to announce additional electronic mail notification options for bankruptcy case participants. The Email Link service was developed to provide creditors fast, easy and free electronic access to their bankruptcy notices in place of paper notices received through the U.S. Mail. The service is provided through the national Bankruptcy Noticing Center/Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing program.

The new service provides subscribers with e-mail containing links to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) versions of court notices in place of paper. E-mail Link is aimed at the
large volume of non-Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) creditors who receive the majority of the notices in paper format (e.g., creditors listed in the debtor’s schedules who may not have attorney representation.) All notice types can be sent by E-mail Link.

Three subscriber options are available:

Option 1 - Single e-mail, per day and court, with a list of links (up to 25) to individual PDF files for each notice to the subscriber for that day; or

Option 2 - Multiple e-mails per day, with each e-mail containing a single link to a single PDF file for each notice transmitted to the subscriber for that day, separated
by court; or

Option 3 - A single daily e-mail with a link to one PDF file that contains a compilation of all the notices transmitted to the subscriber for that day, separated by

There are no registration fees, commitments, or other obligations required in order to use Email Link. The only program requirement is that you have a valid e-mail account which you agree to maintain.

For additional information, visit the Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing web site at , or call the toll-free support line at (877) 837-3424.