Hearing Date: 12/16/2013   Time: 10:00 AM

United States District Court
Eastern District of Michigan
231 West Lafayette Blvd.
Courtroom: 100
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Matter: [#1933] Motion Motion of the Detroit Retirement Systems to Certify This Court's Eligibility Ruling for Direct Appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (RE: Notice of Appeal [Dkt. No. 1930]) Filed by Creditors General Retirement System of the City of Detroit, Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of Detroit

Matter: [#1936] Motion Request for Certification Filed by Creditor Michigan Council 25 Of The American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO and Sub-Chapter 98, City of Detroit Retirees

Matter: [#2068] Motion of the Retiree Association Parties to Certify "Opinion Regarding Eligibility" and "Order for Relief Under Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code" for Direct Appeal to the Court of Appeals Filed by Interested Parties Detroit Retired City Employees Association, Shirley V Lightsey, Retired Detroit Police and Fire Fighers Association, Donald Taylor, Creditors Shirley V Lightsey, Donald Taylor (Attachments: # 1 Index List of Attachments # 2 Exhibit 1 # 3 Exhibit 2 # 4 Exhibit 3 # 5 Exhibit 4 # 6 Exhibit 5 # 7 Exhibit 4)

Matter: [#2060] Motion of The Official Committee of Retirees Request For Certification of The Eligibility Determination For Direct Appeal To The United States Court of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. ยง 158(D)(2) and Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure Rule 8001(F) Filed by Retiree Committee Official Committee of Retirees

Matter: [#1665] Motion of Debtor, Pursuant to Sections 105 and 502 of the Bankruptcy Code, for Entry of an Order Approving Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures to Promote the Liquidation of Certain Prepetition Claims Filed by Debtor In Possession City of Detroit, Michigan

Matter: [#1476] Application to Employ Lazard Freres & Co. LLC as Financial Advisor Filed by Retiree Committee Official Committee of Retirees (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - Proposed Order # 2 Exhibit 2 - Declaration of Andrew Yearley # 3 Exhibit 3 - Lazard Engagement Letter)

Matter: [#1035] Motion for Relief from Stay and Waiving the FRBP 4001 (a)(3) Re: Allow Civil Litigation to Proceed for Discovery Purposes and/or to Recover Any Insurance Coverage Under Defendants' Homeowner's Insurance Policies . Filed by Interested Party Thomas Gerald Moore (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - Proposed Order # 2 Exhibit 2 - Nortice of Motion # 3 Exhibit 4 - Certificate of Service # 4 Mailing Matrix)

Matter: [#1377] Motion to Modify Automatic Stay MOTION AND BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF MOTION FOR MODIFICATION OF AUTOMATIC STAY AND THE STAY EXTENSION ORDER, NOTICE OF MOTION, AND CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE Fee Amount $176, Filed by Interested Party Ian Mobley, Paul Kaiser, Angie Wong, James Washington, Nathaniel Price, Stephanie Hollander, Jason Leverette-Saunders, Darlene Hellenberg, Kimberly Mobley, Jerome Pierce, Wanda Leverette, and Laura Ma

Matter: [#1745] Motion for Reconsideration/Rehearing (related documents 1536 Memorandum Opinion and Order) Filed by Interested Party State of Michigan

Matter: [#1155] Motion for Relief from Stay . Filed by Creditor St. Martins Cooperative (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order # 2 Notice of Opportunity to Respond # 3 Brief in Support # 4 Certificate of Service # 5 Memorandum dated March 21, 2008 # 6 Correspondence dated April 1, 2008 # 7 Memorandum dated April 4, 2008 # 8 Notice of Receipt of FOIA Request # 9 Letter dated May 19, 2008 # 10 Letter dated March 3, 2009 # 11 Letter dated March 3, 2009 # 12 Notice of Settlement of Class Action # 13 Letter dated January 7, 2009 # 14 Opinion and Order dated April 25, 2011)

Matter: [#1137] Motion for Relief from Stay , Notice of Motion, Brief in Support of Motion, and Certificate of Service. Filed by Interested Parties St. James Cooperative, Joliet Town Houses Cooperative Association, Lafayette Town Houses, Inc., Nicolet Town Houses Cooperative Association, Lasalle Town Houses Cooperative Association